Embroidery for uniforms, household clothes and personalization of the pieces as well as for companies as well as for individuals.

Creation of dies for other embroiderers


We intend to show the roots of Portuguese culture in the art of Tricot and Crochet, with a specialist in the area who will transmit all his knowledge through workshops, or personalization of garments.


We want to be pioneers in transmitting the knowledge of the essence of Crochet, Tricot and Embroidery, maintaining the best service and continuous adaptation of Portuguese roots to the present times. Making the best combination of modern times with techniques.


Tradition – Keep the origins of Portugal through the manufacture of products with our techniques.

Personalization of the service – Each customer is unique, and with this we aim to meet your needs individually.

Innovation – Making Crochet and Tricot in current styles is a constant challenge!

Creativity – Developing projects with craft techniques and making them unique and original is something that moves us.

Precision – Working with harmony, clarity and precision make our work unique.