DILY brand appeared in 2015 to fill a market gap, the lack of supply in this segment allowed the brand founder to cope with the appearance of the grandchildren in his family take advantage of the idea and embrace this opportunity.

Thus, “Dily” is a brand that bets on the customized production of pieces of clothing for its customers, attending to all their desires. However, it is not just the fabrication of garments that we focus on. Our goal is to reach the entire Portuguese population and transmit knowledge in the area of ​​Tricot and Crochet, by machine and by hand.

These focus on one of the areas, and allow your participant to acquire the expertise of Dily, who has extensive experience in the field, and thus get to know one of the greatest national heritages.

Making this bet for more than 20 years we have a wide range of customers who are satisfied.

But after all, what is Tricot and Crochet?

Both crafts use yarns or fibers, and even the same type of designs can be made: sweaters, shawls, blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, among many other things.

Both Tricot and Crochet work from patterns and require similar skill sets: eye-hand coordination, sensitivity to color and design, the ability to plan a project from start to finish. However, the techniques differ.

Tricot can be made by hand, or by machine. Hand knitting is based on the use of pointed knitting needles. There are several types of machines that can be used to knit, ranging from the simplest to the most complex, from small to large. Some of the smaller machines can be used to knit socks or other small designs, and larger machines can be used for knit sweaters, clothing or other similar designs.

Already in Crochet, does not use pointed needles or machines to develop the projects, use yes, a single crochet needle. The hook can be small or large and can usually be made of steel, aluminum, bamboo, plastic, wood or bone. Crochet is always handmade, never per machine, its movements are so specific that, until now, no one has been able to create a machine that could duplicate them.